Boat transport

Regular boat connection between Papissaare-Vikati-Papissaare is organised by the local municipality. The small watercraft named Vilsandi fits 11 passengers. The schedule is up on the website of the Saaremaa Parish.

  • Seat reservation +372 520 2656 (Harri Hiiuväin).
  • The captain has the right to cancel the trip in the absence of passengers.
  • If more people than the boat can fit are interested in the scheduled trip, an additional trip is added to the schedule.
  • Passenger tickets 2.50 EUR;
    • discount ticket for 1 EUR (day-time students between the age of 7–14, people who have been registered in the population register of the Island of Vilsandi as permanent residents);
    • bicycle and luggage 1 EUR;
    • free for preschool-aged children;
    • free for disabled children and people with profound disabilities aged 16 and over.
  • The price for an unscheduled charter trip on the route Papissaare-Vilsandi-Papissaare or Vilsandi-Papissaare-Vilsandi is 100 EUR (roundtrip).
  • The price for an unscheduled charter trip one way on the route Papissaare-Vilsandi or Vilsandi-Papissaare is 50 EUR. 

Other service providers: