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Vilsandi National Park and its surrounding area offers many opportunities for resting and enjoying nature: may it be swimming, boating, canoeing or riding a bicycle, hiking, bird or seal watching, nature photography, foraging or fishing.

We recommend first getting acquainted with the area at Vilsandi National Park Visitor Centre. Many places that are worth visiting are connected to the objects of natural and cultural heritage. It is possible to explore an ecological community of dunes on the Harilaiu Peninsula. The cliffs of Elda and Soeginina but also the lapies of the Island of Vilsandi offer a chance to observe the geology of that area. Atla village landscape with its alvar grasslands give an idea of the cultural heritage of that area. A gorgeous view to the island, islets nearby and the island of Saaremaa unfolds from the lighthouse on the Island of Vilsandi.

Publications and maps of Vilsandi National Park

Photo: Martin Vesberg