Instructions for visitor
  • Please do your best to not leave any trace of your presence, and to maintain silence.
  • When moving around in nature, follow everyman’s right and best practice. To move around on private land designated as such or enclosed by a fence, obtain the permission of the owner.
  • It is prohibited to visit the conservation zones of Kikepera and Valgeraba from 15 February to 31 July, and the conservation zone of Paelama from 15 March to 31 August. It is prohibited to visit the strict nature reserve in Tuhametsa.
  • When driving a motor vehicle, use designated routes only. For safety reasons, maintain a moderate speed when driving on gravel roads.
  • It is permitted to pick berries, mushrooms and other wild produce in the national park except in the strict nature reserve or in conservation zones when restrictions on movement apply.
  • Fishing is allowed in the national park according to the Fishing Act.
  • It is only permitted to use non-powered floating vessels on bodies of water, including the flooded area, in the national park.
  • Camping and making fires is allowed in specially arranged and designated places only (see the map). Before leaving a campfire site, make sure to put out the fire.
  • When moving around in nature, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • When visiting the National Park during the flood season, contact the RMK Soomaa information desk for additional information on which areas are currently accessible.

    If you become aware of activities that are potentially harmful to the environment or visitor facilities,
    call the environmental emergency hotline on 1247.

    For emergency services, call 112.

Sunrise in the bog. Photo: Aivar Ruukel