Suur Munamägi Hill and the observation tower

57.714017990527, 27.059841399605

Haanja village Suur Munamägi is the highest peak of the Baltic States. The height of the hill is 317.2 m above sea level, the height of the hill from the foot to the peak is approximately 60 m. A 29.1 m observation tower which was built in 1939 is situated on the top of the Suur Munamägi. As the highest hill of Estonia, Suur Munamägi is one of the national symbols of Estonia and has been widely reflected in culture. Among others, the view from the top of the hill inspired writer Juhan Kunder to write a poem with the following lines, “Kui siit pilve piirilt alla vaatan / üle õitsva Eestimaa, / rõõmulaule siis maailma saadan, / hüüan pikse häälega: / Siin on ilus elada!” (When I look down from the border of clouds / across the blooming Estonia / I will send joyful songs to the world / and call out with a voice of lightning, / It is beautiful to live here!)