Visiting opportunities


The hiking trail of the Rõuge primeval valley (10 km)

The trail offers the opportunity to see how the valley was formed and affected by the ice age. The trail starts at the picturesque valley of Ööbikuorg and runs along the chain of lakes to the Hinni Canyon. Although there are no public fire-making and camping sites on the trail, there are numerous tourism farms in the surroundings which offer these services. A special attraction is the Ööbikuorg small hiking trail (about 450 metres), where you can see the short and deep gully – a ‘tsori’ – cutting into the valley.

The booklet of Hinni Canyon (2012)

Hinny canyon
Hinny canyon. Photo: Martin Mark

The hiking trail of lake Kavadi (2.2 km)

Here you can examine one of Estonia’s most picturesque lakes with most dissected shoreline. The trail starts in the Uue-Saaluse Manor Park and runs back and forth along the lakeshore. You can swim, camp and make a fire at the camping site in the Uue-Saaluse Manor Park.

The Vällamäe hiking trail (2.2 km)

Here you will have a great experience of different heights. The trail runs through an old swamp forest, passes by the deepest peat layer in Estonia and rises to the top of the hill with the biggest relative height in Estonia. On the trail you can observe an old grove wood with its powerful, up to 42-metretall spruces. The final part of the trail provides a good comparison of places of growth as it goes through a forest plantation on one side and a natural forest on the other. On the foot of the hill of Vällamägi there is a forest house of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), which can be rented for a fee.

The booklet of Vällamäe hiking trail (2012)

The hill Vällamägi. Photo: Kadri Paomees

The hiking trail of the Kütiorg primeval valley (9.6 km)

This trail leads you throuh picturesque landscape. You should allow at least 3 hours for walking the trail, but it is worth the time! In addition to good exercise you can get a nice overview of Estonia’s deepest primeval valley as well as of several old mills and places of sacrifice, such as Tammetsõõr, a ring of old sacred oaks, and the spring of Ilmamäe. The trail passes by a powerful ancient pine tree of Toborna, and rises and falls up and down the steep slopes of the valley of Kütiorg. You can also choose the shorter, 2-8-kilometre-long Kütiorg short hiking trail. There you can see the deep gully of Suurtsori.