Bird ringing centre

Estonian bird rings bear the text ESTONIA MATSALU. Thus, the Matsalu ringing center is also coordinating the tagging of birds and bats throughout Estonia. Here you can find data about all the birds tagged in Estonia, as well as about the rings that have been found. A large proportion of birds are tagged in Kabli and Häädemeeste bird stations. Each year about 1,500 tagged birds are identified. The furthest that birds tagged in Estonia have been found is in South Africa.

Please notify of all tagged birds (either found dead, caught and released, found as remnants, etc.) by:

  • e-mail or
  • post to Keskkonnaagentuur, Matsalu Rõngastuskeskus, Penijõe 90305, Lääneranna vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia or
  • telephone +372 5854 5828.

Please include all data from the ring and specify the location and time where the ring was found and the type of bird (if possible) that had a tag around the leg or neck. If possible, the ring can also be sent to the tagging center. In addition, please notify the contact details of the finder, in order to specify conditions and location where the ring was found and to inform th finder of the data on the ring.


Ringing common buzzard (Buteo buteo) in Penijõe. Photo: Kaarel Kaisel