lapsed seisavad ratasega Obinitsa mäe otsas lauluema kuju ümber

On August 23–25, 2022, 17 young people participated in the summer course of Otepää's Junior Ranger to discover the nature of Võru County on bicycles and participate in nature conservation activities.
The course started with packing bicycles at the Otepää Nature Centre. We accommodated 12 in the bus trailer and 9 in teacher Peter's car! 

lendorav puul

This year, 96 inhabited habitats of the flying squirrel have been identified, of which 14 are new. According to the information from the Environment Agency and the Environmental Board, there are a total of 162 flying squirrel sites in Estonia entered into the register, and life activities have been identified in 96 places this year.
According to Uudo Timm, Leading Specialist of the Living Nature Department of the Environment Agency, despite the new sites, the number of inhabited places had remained at the level of last year, when 97 habitats were identified.

viltused männipuud kinnikasvanud luidetel

The Ministry of the Environment gave the Environmental Board the task of analyzing the idea of creating Hiiumaa National Park. This does not yet mean that the creation of a protected area has been decided, and all felling is automatically suspended for 28 months. The Environmental Board reviews applications submitted from June 8 and later and, based on their impact on conservation values, either suspend the activity or allow it.  

noored liiguvad liivasel rannal laudteel

In the middle of June, three joint courses for young nature conservationists took place in Estonian national parks. Young people from Vilsandi and Karula met in Vilsandi National Park, young nature conservationists from Matsalu visited the young people of Lahemaa National Park, and young nature conservationists of Soomaa visited young people from Alutaguse National Park.