There are five protected boulders on Vormsi Island: 1) The boulder of Vargstein/Hundikivi (the Wolf Stone) is located in the forest close to the village of Kerslet. The circumference of the boulder is 18.7 metres and its height is 2.5 metres. 2) The boulder of Smen/Sepakivi (the Blacksmith Stone) is located in the village of Borrby. The greatest diameter of the boulder is 9.5 metres, its height is 4.3 metres and the circumference is 23.9 metres. A rare moss species grows on it. 3) Kirikukivi (the Church Stone) is located in the coastal water of Norrby Village. The dimensions of the boulder: height 5.6 metres, width 7.3 metres and circumference 25–30 metres. There is a line on the eastern side of the stone that marks the water level of 1851. 4) Parunikivi (the Baron Stone) is located in the forest of Hullo Village and it is a marsh stone boulder with a circumference of 20 meters. It is the memorial stone for Otto Friedrick Fromhold von Stackelberg, the last baron of the island of Vormsi. There is a rest area by the stone. 5) The Skärestain boulder is located on a former coastal meadow on the coast of Hosby.