Instructions for visitors
  • Try not to leave traces behind when travelling in the nature.
  • Camp and make a fire only in places prepared and marked for that. When leaving the camp fire site, make sure the fire is out.
  • Foraging (picking berries, mushrooms, nuts) is allowed, except in the conservation zones of Rälby and Hosby off the trails and roads from 15 February to 31 July, on the islets of Rumpo conservation zone and the maritime area within 50 metres from the coastline of the islets from 15 March to 15 July. Going on the islets is allowed with the permission from the manager of the reserve from 16 July to 31 October.
  • You are allowed to ride a bicycle on roads and trails, driving a motor vehicle is allowed only on designated roads.
  • You can drive a water vessel on the bodies of water, except for a jet ski and a scooter. It is permitted to use a water vessel without an engine only on Lake Prästviik.

If you see damages caused to nature or to civil engineering works meant for visitation, please report it to the State helpline by calling 1247.

The emergency phone number is 112.

The hiking trails may pass through areas that are being grazed. Therefore, we ask:

  • not to disturb the grazing animals;
  • to use the prepared places or crossings for going through the fences, in their absence, close the gates with care;
  • to keep your dogs on a leash when walking in the reserve and do not bring dogs with you on trails with grazing animals.

When leaving the reserve, we ask:

  • to take with you the trash generated during the trip and take it to a waste collection point.