Reminder for the visitor
  • Try not to leave traces behind when travelling in the nature.
  • Ask the land owner for permission when moving around on marked private property.
  • Camp and make a fire only in places prepared and marked for that. When leaving, make sure the fire has been put out. 
  • Foraging is allowed. 
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking around in the nature. 
  • Drive a motor vehicle only on roads designated for that and ride a bicycle on roads and trails. 
  • Fishing is allowed in accordance with the Fishing Act and the Fishing Rules. 
  • It is permitted to manage organised tourist and public events (with more than 50 participants) only in places prepared for that.

    If you see any damage being done to nature or the visitor facilities, call the state helpline on 1247. The emergency number is 112.