About protected area
  • Kõrvemaa Landscape Protection Area expands to the counties of Harju, Järva and Lääne-Viru. 
  • The main aim of the Kõrvemaa Landscape Protection Area is to protect the landscape appearance and the landforms characteristic to the area. 
  • It has partly been under protection already since 1957, when the scenic prohibited area of Aegviidu-Nelijärve was formed. The area was expanded in 1971 and it became the Kõrvemaa State Landscape Reserve.
  • The highest peak of Kõrvemaa is the Valgehobusemägi Hill (106.2 m) on the Mägede kame field. 
  • There are 12 lakes within the borders of the reserve, the largest of them is Lake Urbukse (4.6 ha) and the deepest Lake Purgatsi (13 m). 
  • The largest of the rivers flowing in the reserve is the River Jägala that collects water from its tributaries – these are the River Mustjõgi and the River Jänijõgi with the Liivoja Stream and the River Tarvasjõgi. Smaller streams and ditches can also be found. There are representative spring areas, i.e. Aegviidu Siniallikad (the Blue Springs of Aegviidu), in the reserve.
  • 23 species of orchids have been found growing in the reserve. 
  • Kõrvemaa bird area and Kõrvemaa nature area are areas with an international importance (areas of the Natura 2000 network). 
  • The manager of the protected area is the Estonian Environmental Board. 
Courtship display of grouse
Courtship display of grouse. Photo: Ingmar Muusikus