Reminder for Visitors
  • Drive a vehicle only on designated roads. As an exception, it is permitted to drive a motor vehicle on the ice-sheet of the River Emajõgi and Lake Peipus and off-road vehicles on the ice-sheet of the bodies of water in the reserve and on the Piirissaar Island when it is covered with snow.
  • It is allowed to drive water vessels on the waters in the reserve, except a water vessel with an engine on Lake Koosa. It is prohibited to drive water vessels with an internal combustion engine on lakes smaller than 100 ha. People are not allowed to be on Lake Koosa due to the nesting period of birds from 1 April to 31 July.
  • In order to move around a designated/fenced private property, ask for permission from the land owner. Follow good practices and keep the property of the land owner unharmed and peace in his home when moving around in the private property. The field, plantation and apiary are not meant for hiking.
  • Fishing is usually permitted, but not from 1 May to 15 June in the River Emajõgi from the beginning of Lake Koosa until Lake Peipus and from 1 May to 25 May in the rivers of Koosa, Kargaja, Agali, Kalli and Kaevandu, in the canal connecting Lake Leegu and the River Kalli and from the mouth of the Ahja River to Lake Lääniste Ahijärv, in the lakes of Lääniste Ahijärv, Võngjärv, Lahepera, Kalli and Leegu.
  • It is permitted to pick forest berries, mushrooms end everything else that is edible and not under protection in the case it is allowed to be in the place of foraging. A permission from the land owner is required for foraging on private property if it is restricted and marked.
  • Camp and make a fire in places prepared and marked for that, put out the fire when leaving the camp fire site. It is permitted to put up a tent and make a fire in a yard with a permission from the land owner. If there is a fire hazard warning in the forest, it is strictly prohibited to make an open fire, also in a fire ring.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking in the nature.
  • Try not to leave traces behind when travelling in nature. We kindly ask you to take your trash with you when leaving the reserve.
  • A written permission needs to be obtained from the Environmental Board, the manager of the reserve, for organising a public event with more than 50 participants.
  • More specific information can be found in the General Part of the Environmental Code Act and from the protection rules of the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve.


If you notice damages to nature or the visitor facilities, notify the Republic of Estonia Environmental Inspectorate by calling the number 1313.

The emergency phone number is 112.

Photo: Aimar Rakko