Kõnnumaa Landscape Protection Area
sunset at the lake
Lake Väike Loosalu. Photo by Romet Vaino

Kõnnumaa stands for a sparsely populated or deserted area in Estonian. This can also be seen in the reserve carrying the same name that is located within the bounds of Kehtna and Rapla rural municipalities in Rapla County.

Kõnnumaa Landscape Protection Area was founded on 27 July 2000. The area of the reserve is 5,744 ha. The unique alternating landscape here is formed by the marginal formations called eskers that have formed from continental ice, kames and terminal moraines. It is characterised by forests in their natural state, bogs that are thousands of years old and the largest bog lake in Estonia – Lake Loosalu that is located in a bog with the same name. The protection area is 70–80 metres above water level and the highest peak of Western Estonia, Paluküla Hiiemägi Hill (106.7 m) that is a historical natural shrine, is also located here.

The main objective of the landscape protection area is to preserve the appearance of the landscape and the natural state of bog, lake and forest communities.



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