Reminder for Visitors
  • Try not to leave traces behind when travelling in the nature and keep the peace here.
  • Ask for permission from the land owner when moving around on marked/fenced private property.
  • Bicycles and motor vehicles are permitted to be used and parked on designated roads and parking lots. Bicycles must be pushed next to you by hand on the boardwalk when moving around on the boardwalk of the Loosalu-Paluküla nature trail.
  • It is permitted to drive a water vessel without an engine on Lake Loosalu.
  • Berries, mushrooms, herbs and everything else that is edible and not under protection is allowed to be picked in case it is permitted to stay in the place of foraging. Permission from the land owner is required for foraging on marked and fenced private property. It is prohibited to forage in the conservation zones during movement restrictions (see the Environmental Board pamphlet).
  • Camp and make a fire only in places prepared and marked for that, put out the fire when leaving the camp fire site. If there is a fire hazard warning in the forests, it is strictly prohibited to make an open fire, also in a fire ring.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking in the nature.
  • In the reserve, it is permitted to organise a public event with less than 50 participants in areas not prepared for that. Organising a public event with more than 50 participants in areas not prepared for that is permitted only with the permission of the manager of the reserve. The manager of the Kõnnumaa Landscape Reserve is the Environmental Board. Further details about moving around in the nature can be read in the General Part of the Environmental Code Act and management plan.
  • It is permitted to fish in accordance with applicable laws with recreational fishing gear in the Loosalu conservation zone.
  • When moving around in the nature, follow the freedom to roam practices.

If you notice damage to nature or the visitor facilities, notify the Republic of Estonia Environmental Inspectorate by calling the number 1313.

The emergency phone number is 112.