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Nature can be enjoyed on the Loosalu-Paluküla nature trail in the Kõnnumaa Landscape Reserve. One of its directions is 7.7 km long. Because the trail is not circular, one has to use the same way for the return trip or have their vehicle driven to the end of the trail beforehand. The mentioned nature trail coincides with the section of Hirvelaane-Kellissaare hiking trail that is 375 km long.

It is possible to move around on foot or with a bicycle on the fitness trails of the Paluküla Hiiemägi Hill. There is a disc golf course open on the trail. There are maintained ski runs on the Hiiemägi Hill if the snow conditions are favourable in the winter time. Paluküla Holiday House offers overnight accommodations in the vicinity of the Paluküla Hiiemägi Hill.

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