Endla Nature Reserve
Bog landscape with a round Lake Pätsulaugas
Toodiksaare bog with Pätsulaugas. Photo: Marko Soom

Endla Nature Reserve is located in Middle Estonia, on the slope of the Pandivere Upland. The nature reserve was founded in 1985 to protect the middle part of the well-preserved Endla mire complex and the pure water karst springs on the southern slope of the Pandivere Upland. This wetland complex with versatile landscape and biodiversity is important not only for Estonia. Endla nature reserve belongs to the Natura 2000 network as a bird and nature area and since 1997 is also an internationally important wetland (Ramsar site).

Endla Nature Reserve covers 10,161 ha. The length from the north to the south is 13 km and from the east to the west 16 km. The nature reserve is located in the peripheral regions of Järva, Jõgeva and Lääne-Viru Counties where human settlement has always been sparse.

The key word of Endla Nature Reserve is water. There are 8 bogs with 35 bog islands and approximately 2,200 bog pools, 6 lakes, 5 rivers and 30 larger springs. The middle part of the Põltsamaa River passes the nature reserve. 53% of the territory is covered with forests, 38% with swamps and 90% of these are bogs. Different water bodies make up approximately 5%. There are less open areas and cultural landscapes.




Tooma küla, Jõgeva vald
Jõgevamaa 48432

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