Hiking trails and resting areas

Elistvere study trail (“Bird road”) is located in Elistvere manor park, the length of the trail is 2 km in total and there is an observation tower at the end of the trail. The boardwalk is passable also with a wheelchair and a baby carriage. The study trail starts by the lynx enclosure in Elistvere Animal Park and takes one through a swamp forest to Lake Elistvere, information boards on the trail introduce the biota of the forest and the lake. There is a separate section of the trail for introducing the life of beavers.

Luua Arboretum and forestry study trail are located by Luua-Nava road. The arboretum is opened for visitations daily, the nursery is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is a resting area (tables, chairs, outhouse) in the parking lot and information boards by the arboretum. The forestry study trail is 4.6 km long, it starts and finishes at the same place in the Luua Arboretum.

Raigastvere observation tower is a metal tower with the height of 18 metres on the drumlin of Raigastvere. A great view of the striped landscape of drumlins, fields and lakes. There is a parking lot, a camp fire site, an outhouse and camping opportunities by the tower.

Elistvere camp fire site is located in the manor park next to Elistvere Animal Park. There are fireplaces, tables and chairs, a pavilion and an outhouse. Camping is allowed.

Public swimming spots have been prepared by Pikkjärve and Prossa lakes and Saadjärve lake at the beaches of Voldi (Tabivere village), Kalda (Äksi village) and Kukulinna.

a observation tower with 5 stairs in a snowy landscape with blue-pink colour sky and ground as the sun is setting

Raigastvere observation tower in winter. Photo: Kaili Viilma.