Peipsiveere Nature Reserve
Bird's eye view of Lake Leego.
Lake Leego. Arne Ader

The largest nature reserve in Estonia, the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve with 34,610 ha, is situated on the lowlands of Lake Peipus in the eastern part of Tartu County, on the biggest island in Lake Peipus – the Piirissaar Island, and the water area of Lake Peipus that connects these two. According to both Estonian and European standards, this is a huge natural area the core of which is an extensive wetland.

The nature, ecosystem and landscapes of the estuary maremma of the River Emajõgi and the beach maremma of Lake Peipus, but also the ecosystems of the delta of the Piirissaar Island and the River Emajõgi and the coastal terrains of the Piirissaar Island are protected in the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve.



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