Instructions for visitors

When visiting the protected area:

  • please read the rules of conservation of the protected area before visiting;
  • do not leave any traces in nature and keep the forest, river and riverbanks clean;
  • do not scrape the outcrops;
  • follow the freedom to roam and the best practice. The owner’s permission is required to walk on marked/fenced private land;
  • drive and park motor vehicles in designated areas;
  • camp and make a fire only in designated and marked areas. Completely extinguish the fire before you leave; and
  • keep your dog leashed.

A permit from the Estonian Environmental Board is required to organise a public event with more than 50 participants in a location that is not intended for this purpose.  

When leaving the protected area, please take with you all the waste produced during the trip and put it in a waste bin.

If you see any damage being done to nature or visitor facilities, call the state helpline on 1247.

The emergency number is 112.