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The landscape of the Nabala-Tuhala region has been shaped by karst. Into the crevices of rocks, groundwater has burrowed beds of subsurface streams, caves and other karst formations. During high water, all underground gaps and beds of subsurface streams fill with water and water surges even in areas that are normally dry. The best-known sight is the Tuhala Witch’s Well, which ‘boils’ in periods of high water. 
There are three hiking trails to learn about the natural and cultural values of the protected area. 
There are no designated or marked campfire sites in the protected area. 

Tuhala Nature Centre (in Estonian)
Located next to the Witch’s Well in the former residential building of the Sulu farm. It is not open. 

Tuhala hiking trail (2.5 km)
The hiking trail introduces the karst area of Tuhala and is meant to be completed on foot. The trail starts from the car park near the Witch’s Well. The trail has 20 marked sights. 

Möllu spring hiking trail (1.6 km) (in Estonian)
The trail introduces the Möllu spring and the nature and cultural history of the area. The trail is intended to be completed on foot. 

RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route
The hiking route passes through the northwest of the protected area in a 2.8-km section and is walkable.