Otepää Nature Park
Vaade lennukilt Otepää küngastele ja järvedele
Photo by Sven Začek

With its 222 square kilometres, Otepää Nature Park is the largest landscape protection area in Estonia, located on the hilly Otepää uplands. These diverse landscapes are shaped by the interaction of natural development and centuries of human activities. The main part of the protected area lies at an altitude of 100 to 175 m. The highest peak is Kuutsemägi (218 m).

In the heart of the protected area is the picturesque Lake Pühajärv (290,7 ha), considered one of Estonia's most beautiful lakes. Lake Pühajärv and its surroundings can be studied in detail by taking the hiking trail around the lake or by a walk in the Pühajärve Park. To get a good overview of the scenery of Otepää one needs to climb either to the top of a hill or an observation tower. In good weather, one can also see the peaks of the Karula uplands from the 24-metre Harimäe observation tower located on the southern edge of the uplands.



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