Tooma soojaam was recognized by World Meteorological Organization


Elo Raspel vana

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) choose Tooma soojaam as year 2021 centennial observing station. This title  is chosen every two years and the stations must conform many terms. Tooma station is the second in Estonia to receive such high international recognition, the first in 2017 was the Vilsandi coastal station.

In Tooma the weather measurements are collected already from 1911. The systematic study of the bogs nearby began in 1950, when the Tooma bog hydrology station (Tooma soohüdroloogia jaam) was established. The data is collected in program of hydrological monitoring of bogs,  also water balance and microclimate are measured.

Tooma soojaam is unique not only in Estonia, but also in the whole of Europe, and few wetlands have been studied in the world with such detail. The measurements are done by specialist from Estonian Weather Service in Environmental Agency of Estonia (Keskkonnaagentuur).