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For the visitor

Kurtna Landscape Reserve offers several opportunities for resting, enjoying the nature and doing sports in all seasons. A hiking trail with information boards and signs has been made for hikers. It is best to start the trail either from the parking lot of Lake Nõmmjärv or Lake Martiska. The trail runs through the alternating landscape from one lake to the other. Many trails with different lengths and different levels of difficulty that are designated with direction indicators and colourful stripes on trees start from the Alutaguse Recreation and Sports Centre that is located in the northern part of the reserve.

Many of the popular lakes in the reserve are about to exceed the load bearing capacity of vacationers. It is better for the lakes of Liivjärv, Martiska and Ahne that people do not swim there. Lake Rääkjärv, for example, withstands swimming better than Lake Liivjärv. Retreat from swimming also in Lake Saarejärv and Lake Valgejärv. The salts and traces of suntan lotion excreted into the water from sweaty bodies harm the already fragile condition of the lakes. Washing products and metabolic wastes are especially contaminating. Washing products of all sorts, especially the ones meant for cleaning people, are poisonous to the aquatic biota.

It is not allowed to make your own campfire, resting and camp sites in the reserve, because one has to follow certain rules in an area with high visitation load and fire hazard. Official resting, camp and campfire sites can be found on the website of the State Forest Management Centre – Loodusega koos. Make sure the fire has been put out before leaving the campfire site. The same applies to disposable grills and charcoal.

When visiting the reserve with pets, make sure they do not endanger the wild animals in any way. Dogs and cats must be on a leash when walking in the nature because they can harm native birds and animals fast and often also inconspicuously.

There are many roads and trails and fire protection lines in the reserve. Tire tracks stay in the gentle soil for a very long time, which causes yet another “forest road” to be developed from an unauthorised drive in the landscape. When driving a motor vehicle, make sure that you are on a right and official road. Keep the landscape beautiful!

It is worthy of consideration that the reserve does not have any grocery stores. There is an eatery and accommodation in the Pannjärve Recreation and Sports Centre. The nearby recreational facilities can be found in the tourism portal Puhka Eestis.

  • The manager of the Kurtna Landscape Reserve is the Environmental Board.
  • Visitations to the Kurtna Landscape Reserve are organised by the State Forest Management Centre by taking care of the resting areas but also the Nõmmjärve – Martiska hiking trail.
  • Designated trails for exercising and doing sports start by Lake Pannjärv and the Alutaguse Recreation and Sports Centre.
  • The digital nature education application of the Environmental Board named Avastusrada helps to get acquainted with the natural values of Kurtna.

Matkajad aastas 2018. Foto: Julia Kropatševa