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University of Liverpool research

27.04.2018 /

Matsalu National Park and Estonia are participating in the research that is conducted by the University of Liverpool.

What is the purpose of this study? This research will inform the content of a book, Governing the Anthropocene: Novel Ecosystems, Transformation and Environmental Policy due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019. The book is about how human impacts on the environment, such as climate change and land degradation, are magnifying the already rapid rate of species loss and ecological decline. The research is focused on landscapes that are highly valued (socially, ecologically, and economically), with the aim to provide practical solutions for how we deal with such challenges in the future and prepare for them now. The book will document some of the ecological challenges Estonia is facing and proovide practical advice for how the country might deal with these in the future.

Estonia has been chosen because of its unique environment within Estonia and there is expertise and knowledge about the highly valued landscapes that will feature in the book. As a country with natural landscapes that are ecologically valuable on a global scale, as well as semi-natural landscapes significant for both nature and culture, it makes an ideal case study for this book.