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About the reserve

  • The Kurtna Landscape Reserve was founded in 1987 in order to protect the kame field and the lakes of Kurtna. The area of the reserve is 2,820.2 ha – 2.632 ha of it land and 188 ha of water.
  • The Kurtna kame field is one of the largest kame fields in Estonia.
  • The density of the lakes per square kilometre in the Kurtna Lake District is the largest in Estonia. As at today, there are 40 lakes on the landscape that is 9 km long and 3 km wide.
  • In addition to the numerous lakes, the Kurtna Landscape Reserve is noteworthy also due to different lake types.
  • The reserve has an alternating landscape and is rich in rare species, especially the ones that are associated with oligotrophic bodies of water and dry sandy areas. There is data about 76 protected species from the reserve.
  • Lakes differ significantly by the content of minerals and nutrients. Initially, Kurtna lakes were oligotrophic and dystrophic, but their ecological status has changed substantially to date. More and more plants are growing in the lakes and the transparency of freshwater lakes is decreasing constantly.
  • The reserve is surrounded and influenced by the proximity of the shale quarry and oil shale mine, sand pit and peat fields, but also Vasavere and Konsu water intakes.
  • The manager of the reserve is the Environmental Board.

Mustjärv. Foto: Julia Kropatševa