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25.05 Sacred Songs From Slovenia

17.05.2019 /

Concert 25. May 2019 Viinistu 20.00

LJOBA JENČE – Sacred songs, myths and stories from SLOVENIA


Voice, singing stones, the Sun gong


In the times of globalisation and threatening behaviours of the men in power it is of essential importance to stay calm and inwardly oriented to our best Selves and even deeper towards a spiritual treasure chest of the archetypal intangible cultural heritage of humanity and to the source of Life itself. We should never give away our belief into Eternity. Togetherness is of extreem value nowadays  when we need to remember that we share it with the heart of the Earth, which feeds us, with the forces of Cosmos that form us and with the beat of Eternal Love that weaves us into one heart of Humanity. Old songs and myths are evoking vast images of the Word that has gone through millenias and many generations and languages. In its essence they are universal as they speak to any human being.


When we seat and listen together to the images of sacred stories and songs, they become alive and nurture our hearts. Our own soul can remember it's origin. By listening to national myths and songs we can dig out our own treasure chest of archaic memory of the world and the forces of connections to the land and heaven can be restored within our own hearts.


Slovenian national archive keeps thousands of  traditonal songs among which the sacred and love ones predominate. Some of them belong to the oldest oral memory of the World traced back to indo-european cultural era, Egypt and Antique and we rocgnise them in the core of Faronika Fish, Orpheus motif or in the song of Weighing of the Souls. You will also hear beloved songs to Holy Mother Mary and some calls and bird's onomatopoethic rhymes.

CV short

Ljoba Jenče has been collecting oral culture in Slovenia and performed worldwide as a free lance artist, singer and storyteller for thirty years now. From Royal Academy in London to UN in New York, Potala Palace in Lhasa to Monastery in Aleksandrija to say it in short. As a cultural activist she puts all her energy into safeguarding intangible cultural and natural heritage and supports initiative to bring traditional singing with natural voice into school system. With the model YOUNG GUARDIANS OF HERITAGE, her project was recognised by european association for cultural heritage EUROPA NOSTRA AWARDS in 2017 with a special mention of the jury. With 180 participants and partners (MUHO, Norway, SGLŠ, Slovenia)  she developed a model of transmition of the old ecological and ethnological knowledge of preserved area of Cerknica intermittent lake from old to young generation. With this project her initiative for protection of the twologs dugout boat of Cerknica lake was accepted and enlisted by Ministry of Culture. Her Institute for sustainable living PAJN, non profit ngo in public interest promotes ART as a way of protection and awakening higher awareness. They work in HERITAGE HOUSE as a place of transmition of the intangible cultural heritage to the third generation, to children.


Information and registration: Ave Paulus 53327893, ave.paulus@keskkonnaamet.ee

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